Presidential Debate 2: Lost in Debate


Hello friends, Here I am with the second installment of my earth-shattering, wildly popular, critically acclaimed live blog of the 2012 Presidential debates. Before we begin, though, I want to share  one thought and one prediction for tonight’s debate. Updates are in italics. Disclaimer: In judging the merits of the points made in this debate, … Continue reading

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Live Blogging the Presidential Debate

Ready to go.

It is 6:46 PM. I am set up in the kitchen at work with my laptop, my trusty research assistant, Beau, and the debate on the flat screen. I am going to keep this as live as possible by hitting the “Update” button on my draft screen as I go. Here’s an example of what … Continue reading

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Classism and Bloomberg’s Beverage Ban


Last week, the media picked up NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to ban eateries from selling sugary soft drinks in single quantities larger than 16 ounces.  The soft drink ban is the Mayor’s latest battle in a war on unhealthiness that has included public smoking bans and compulsory calorie content postings on fast food menus. I … Continue reading

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State of the State of the Union

2012 state of the union 2

As per the directions of Article 2, Section 3, of the Constitution of the United States of America, tonight President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of Congress with regard to the state of the union.   For a solid summary of what truths the President may have exaggerated, I refer you to ABC. The … Continue reading

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Lessons from SOPA


Comments from the White House and several members of Congress suggest that SOPA and PIPA have lost steam and, if the vote scheduled for Thursday occurs at all, it will be watered-down, more precisely worded, legislation that is voted on.  So everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, because free speech and democracy won out over … Continue reading

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Streaming Thoughts on Republican Foreign Policy Debate

Gingrich gets chided for having a heart.

    Bachmann chides Gingrich for having a heart.     First things first:  My fashion review of the Republican presidential candidates’ debate was picked up by GQ, in the form of a friendlier, albeit, more in-depth breakdown of the Republican presidential candidates’ respective styles.  In reality, I’m sure GQ thought up the piece without my help.  But … Continue reading

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Why We Should Be Proud


This is a broad topic, and one that I will surely re-visit many times, so I will be as brief as possible.   As an intern for Organizing for America – Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign – I sit down with a lot of people who actively supported the President in 2008.  Attitudes towards the President’s … Continue reading

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Sartorializing the Republican Debate

Excuse me, Rick, my tie is louder than yours.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a liberal, so it should come of no surprise that the content – what little content there was – of Tuesday night’s debate amongst potential Republican Presidential nominees disgusted me.  In particular, I liked the moment where Texas Governor Rick Perry and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had a screaming … Continue reading

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