Don’t Choke: What We Can Learn from Tim Tebow

Tebow Tebowing

“Oooohhh, there it is!”  Came the Dominican-accented scream from the outfield. “Get it, Eric!”  Yelled my dad. I ripped my mask off and shot my eyes to the night sky.  The ball was easily a hundred feet in the air but the stadium lights caught it perfectly.  I took three steps out of the batting … Continue reading

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Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal: My Thoughts

"We Are Penn State!"

First, please note my title.  Referring to recent events at Penn State as a “sex scandal” is miss-leading; as it is commonly used, “sex” refers to consensual sex acts between adults – the qualifiers “illicit”, “extra-marital”, “abuse”, etc. are used in conjunction with the word precisely because “sex” on its own refers merely to consensual intercourse.  What … Continue reading

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