Streaming Thoughts on Republican Foreign Policy Debate

    Bachmann chides Gingrich for having a heart.     First things first:  My fashion review of the Republican presidential candidates’ debate was picked up by GQ, in the form of a friendlier, albeit, more in-depth breakdown of the Republican presidential candidates’ respective styles.  In reality, I’m sure GQ thought up the piece without my help.  But … Continue reading

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Why We Should Be Proud

This is a broad topic, and one that I will surely re-visit many times, so I will be as brief as possible.   As an intern for Organizing for America – Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign – I sit down with a lot of people who actively supported the President in 2008.  Attitudes towards the President’s … Continue reading

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Sartorializing the Republican Debate

Excuse me, Rick, my tie is louder than yours.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a liberal, so it should come of no surprise that the content – what little content there was – of Tuesday night’s debate amongst potential Republican Presidential nominees disgusted me.  In particular, I liked the moment where Texas Governor Rick Perry and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had a screaming … Continue reading

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